Elderflower Cordial


We have just seen the first of the Elderflower blossoms. They are very early this year because of the very hot April weather.Shortly we will be making Elderflower cordial. To do this you will need sugar, citric acid, lemons and of course, Elderflowers. It can be bottled or frozen and can be drunk within twenty four to forty eight hours.

Photo of picking Elderflower blossoms

Picking Elderflower blossoms

Elderflower champagne can also be made but must be kept for two to three months before use. So plan ahead if you have a wedding or a party in the pipe line. It is excellent and a great party talking point as well as saving you a lot of money.

Elderflowers ripen into berries in the Autumn, which make excellent wine and crumble

We will post up our recipes as the flowers, berries and fruits come into season.

Photo of making Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower Cordial ready for straining


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