Alexanders – the poor man’s Asparagus!

Photo of Alexanders

Alexanders - The poor man's Asparagus

Alexanders, the poor man’s Asparagus is now in season. It is easily identified by it’s tall stance and yellowey flower heads.The stalks are  about .5 of a metre. Alexanders are a member of the Umbelliferae family.They are found on ditches and verges in many parts of the Country. If you like food for free, Alexanders make a delicious vegetable. Simply gather some stalks; wash and clean carefully and steam  for  6-8 minutes. Serve with  a knob of butter and some black pepper.

The season for Alexanders is coming to an end soon, so get out there and forage before the stalks become  too tough.However, you should still be able to gather tender  stalks up to the middle of June.

NOTE; if you are unsure of identification seek advice.


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