Blackstairs Eco Trails ***** Nature Watch June 18th-25th

Kingfisher overlooking River

Kingfisher perching near River

On our Blackstairs Ecotrails this week we hope to see Kinfishers on the River Barrow. These birds are a great indicator of water quality and a sighting is one of the loveliest in the bird world.The startling flash of blue and the speed of flight never fails to uplift the spirits.
 We also hope to see lots of Speckled Wood Butterflies which love shady lanes, woods and margins of
Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood Resting


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About Mary White

Mary White is a keen hill walker and nature observer and intimately knows the Blackstairs Mountain-River Barrow valley area in the scenic and unspoilt area of south Carlow, Ireland. She has led tours for all age groups in the area over many years. With her husband Robert she leads the Blackstairs Eco Trails 2h Tours

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