Fabulous Fungi Weekend!

Wood Blewit

Beautiful Wood Blewit

We are getting ready for our Fabulous Fungi Weekend on September 3rd and 4th .We are going to have a weekend of foraging for fungi with Jonathan Spazzi a friend of ours at Blackstairs Ecotrails ,who is a qualified mycologist.
We are  sussing out the best possible sites for fungi and with the warm and muggy weather that we are having, it should be a great weekend.  Our guests can choose either the Saturday or the Sunday, or both and you will get a good introduction to the world of fungi, the different types, and then we will go out to the woods to see what we can find.



Already there are lots of Chanterelles out ,(Cantharellus cibarius). It has a lovely smell of apricots and is found in leaf litter and moss in deciduous woods. It is very widespread and common and sold for  human consumption. We hope to find lots of Chanterelles on our fungi weekend.


Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric

From our childhood ,stories of witches, cauldrons and evil spells , we are familiar with  illustrations of the Fly Agaric ( Amanita muscaria) It is probably the most easily recognised  mushroom of them all with it’s scarlet cap with conical ,white fleecy scales. It can be found in acidic woodland particularly where birches are present.It is very widespread and common in it’s favoured habitat.
Our Fungi weekend will cost €35 per day but if you are coming on both days , it will be €60. Lunch will be included and we start at 10am!. and finish about 3.30. Book early , places are limited ; blackstairsecotrails@gmail.com  . So “if you go down to  woods today,” we’ll find fabulous fungi!

One thought on “Fabulous Fungi Weekend!

  1. hello,
    I would very much like to join you for the week end . Where do I book and can you recommend accommodation for sat night?

    Many thanks

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