Fungi Sunday October 16th

On October 16th we are having our second Fungi Forage in the Blackstairs. Our last weekend in September  was packed with expert information from our friend Jonathan Spazzi ,a professional mycologist and  as some of our  ecotrailers could not come that day, we are lucky to have Jonathan again on October 16th for one day only.

Since our last weekend we have had lots of rain; good penetrating rain getting down into the forest litter and getting the mycelium going to produce some marvellous fungi.

As I write this blog I am cooking up some lovely Ceps (Boletus Edulis) for supper.We found some superb specimens in the woods today. Beautiful big Ceps which had not been  attacked by slugs or maggots. I am cooking them up with olive oil, garlic, black pepper and some white wine. The kitchen smells  as if it had a Michelin Star!

Boletus Edulis - Cep

Boletus Edulis - Cep



I am keeping some for tomorrow to cook up for my Ecotrailers with some Hedgehog Fungi (Hydnum Repandum) which are also delicious cooked on their own or with the Ceps.

The woods are a beautiful place to be now with the Autumnal colours beginning to work their magic. The beech are turning and the Larch is getting ready for a fine show of glorious russet across the Valley.



Oak Tree

Oak Tree in the Blackstairs


No movement yet on the Oaks, they will be much later in shedding their lovely serrated leaves and the rustle of leaves as we scuff them along the forest paths reminds us of our childhoods, when with not a care in the world , we kicked those leaves, threw them at each other and laughed for the fun of it.


Hedgehog Fungus

Hedgehog Fungus

So if you are not doing anything else on Sunday October 16th, come and join us on our Fungi Forage with Jonathan. We hope to find lots of Ceps, Amanitas, Puff Balls, Lactarius and other fabulous fungi in the beautiful Blackstairs .

We will meet at 10 am .in Killedmond for some lovely hot scones , tea and coffee. Then Jonathan will give us a short slide presentation on the different genera then off into the Blackstairs for a forage. After that we will come back to Killedmond for an organic lunch followed by  identification of specimens and a cook-up if we find some beautiful edible fungi.

Price for the day including lunch, €35 per person. So ,let’s go walking!.


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