Wer Are Six Months Old and Walking Already!




I can hardly believe that we are six months old next Saturday ,October 1st. We’ve been walking along the foothills of the Blackstairs, meandering along the River Barrow Valley, looking, watching, listening, observing on our Blackstairs Eco Trails
We have seen  the stark uplands change from harsh brown to soft green. We have watched the upland flowers, heather, gorse, Bog Asphodel, Mouse Ear, Lousewort ,blossom over  the hills and watched as birds of prey, the Kestrel, Sparrow Hawk and occasionally a Peregrine Falcon scythe over the sky.
We have picked Fraughans and blackberries and harvested Guelder Rose Berries along the Barrow Track. We have made Elderflower Cordial,  and Fritters and gorged ourselves on wild Plums and berries.

Bottling Elderflower Cordial

In early summer we listened to the magical song of the Blackcap, the Chiffchaff and the Willow Warbler. We saw kingfishers and Otters, Herons, Egrets, Swallows, Sand Martins and much ,much more.
We have made jellies, chutnies and jams .
We have been on a great fungi forage and another one to come on Sunday October 16th, and  we have met you ,our walkers  who make it all possible.
As a thank you ,we are offering a very special walk next Saturday
To celebrate our first six months in business, we are offering a specially discounted Eco Trail and gorgeous Afternoon Tea on October 1st, for the first 15 people who contact us by email (blackstairsecotrails@gmail.com).Closing date September 28th (Wednesday next ) at 12 midnight. Cost €20 ,regular price €35, and tell us the name of the bird on our home page.
Let’s go walking! – right through the Winter.
Home of Blackstairs Ecotrails

Home of Blackstairs Ecotrails


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