These are the Days of Miracle and Wonder

Thanks to Paul Simon for that line. But what a day we are having in the Blackstairs. Beautiful sunshine, a soft breeze ruffling the changing Beech trees. Pigeons on the Beech nuts and a Robin singing his lonely little song. We  hear him so clearly now that all the songsters have taken their long flight back to Africa. I know he is a harbinger of winter but on a day like this who cares?

The heavy, heavy rain of a couple of days ago has produced fungi everywhere – great for our next Fungi Forage on October 16th.

I was picking some pears for chutney this morning and everywhere under foot were Woolly Wood Foot fungi, Lots of Lactarius, Sulphur Tufts and Amanitas.  This one below is known as the Blusher.

The Blusher - Amanita Rubescens









The hedgerows are bursting with berries; haws, Rose Hips, Blackberries and big fat sloes. Nothing is eating them at the moment, except me ,because none of our winter migrants have arrived. But when they do, hedgerows will be stripped as hungry flocks from Scandanavia devour our outdoor larder.

On the hills the heather is almost gone but the grasses and sedges are turning an incredible russet colour and little splashes of colour from Knapweed dot the lower slopes.


Elderberries for crumble - yum!



There are crab apples to pick, Sloe Gin to make and Elderberry Crumble to scoff, so “these are the days of miracle and wonder…” Let’s go walking!


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