Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year

Just before the celebrations get into full swing, we at Blackstairs Ecotrails would like to thank all our Ecotrailers who walked with us during the year ,for their company, good cheer and for supporting our new business. A big thank you from Robert, Dorothy Ellen and I.

I was thinking about the New Year today as I  went  into  the garden to  get  leeks and  parsnips when  I heard a  whirring noise behind me and to my astonishment two birds flew out of the thick cover of hollies and firs at the end of the garden. Two wonderful Woodcock. I haven’t seen any around  here for ages and I felt it was a good omen for the year to come! Usually we see them  around the Blackstairs in heavier cover. They are mysterious little birds, furtive and usually  very hard to see, so I count myself extra lucky.

The photo below was taken in full summer



Next year we are planning some interesting weekends as well as our usual Monday, Wednesday and Saturday trails.  The courses will all be connected with our environment and I hope you will enjoy them. I am keeping  it a secret till the New Year rolls in  when we officially kick off our second year in business.

In the meantime we hope you all have a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas.

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About Mary White

Mary White is a keen hill walker and nature observer and intimately knows the Blackstairs Mountain-River Barrow valley area in the scenic and unspoilt area of south Carlow, Ireland. She has led tours for all age groups in the area over many years. With her husband Robert she leads the Blackstairs Eco Trails 2h Tours

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