Wild Life Workshop April 14th 10am-4pm

Our April 14th  Workshop is now  fast approaching. This  will be a day full of surprises, wonder and enjoyment. We are very lucky to have Dave Daly, renowned wild life artist and Chris Wilson ,a serious naturalist, with us for the day. We will take part in bird ringing, getting to know bird calls and identification; knowing your damselflies from your dragonflies and we will forage for delicious edible greens. We will get to know our native Irish butterflies and try to distinguish our Bumble Bees – we have 20!

Bombus Terrestris

Bombus Terrestris


Lunch and tea will be included in the price. Most of the food is home-grown and home-made! Adults €45 pp children €25.





Flag Iris

For anyone who has an interest in wild life and who would like to get  to grips with all that wriggles, sings ,flutters  and squirms, this is the day for you. So  go wild with Dave ,Chris Robert and Mary – in the Blackstairs. We leave no trace!



Seven Spot Ladybird

Seven Spot Ladybird


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