Things to do on a Misty Day in the Blackstairs

Afternoon Tea at KIlledmond

Afternoon Tea at Killedmond

First of all I am going to make some marmalade. I have the oranges in the freezer,  when they thaw out I am going to make heaps of thick, chunky slightly bitter marmalade. Strong fan base for it in Killedmond

Then I am going to check the tunnel. Lettuce is ready to pick and broccoli is fantastic, leeks have been pricked out and sweet pea is doing well . We have a wedding coming up and  sweet pea is needed. Bit of pressure here.

Thirdly I am going to make a batch of cakes for my ecotrailers. I have a great group coming up from Waterford. They were with us last year so  the baking standards will have to be maintained. I will make heart-shaped sponge cakes, flapjack biscuits and scones and heaps of brown bread.

We are going to look at a bluebell wood, watch Mute Swans sail down the Barrow and listen  to our summer warblers, scan the skies for Swallows, Swifts and Sand Martins,  closely watch the river for that elusive flash of blue from the Kingfishers and if it is not to cold see clouds of Common Blue Butterflies, Speckled Woods and dancing Orange Tips.

Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood


The Hawthorn is in leaf and the Blackthorn is still a fuzz of lovely bridal white flowers. King Cups will dazzle the eye and the slow slap of water will ease  any stress away. Let’s go  walking.


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