Great Time Foraging on the Nore,

We had a great foraging walk on the Nore last Saturday. This was part of the Kilkenny Walking Festival programme which has been such a great success in it’s opening year.

We met at Bennettsbridge Primary School and headed off under a lovely sunny sky on our forage. A band of  eager walkers and foragers and one great ,almost five-year old called Leila!


Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage


We sampled Wood Sorrel, Dandelion leaves, Wild  Garlic, some Ground Elder and we chatted about nettle soups and using it like spinach  and we mused about making sloe gin, gorse wine and the merits of using  plants  for natural dyes. We saw one clump of Skunk Cabbage. Lovely  yellow flower and a really weird smell!


Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic


We saw fish rising, swallows in the sky, sand martins on the wing and a stately heron on a weir.

We  saw the lovely leaves of the hazel unfurl and a hatch of Orange Tip butterflies feeding on their host food, Ladies’ smock. We listened for Blackcaps and saw some; we watched Blue Tits  and a Robin on a holly and we talked about Robin -Run -the -Hedge as a precursor for velcro.

Leila gave us all a biscuit and it was a day of sun, sprinkles of rain, much laughter and good cheer.

Thanks to those who came and Happy birthday Leila. You were marvellous!


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