Wild Life Photography Workshop

Blackstairs Ecotrails is delighted that the well-known Andrew Kelly, former Wild Life Photographer of the year will be with us in Killedmond to give a one day workshop for all of you who love the great outdoors and want to capture some of it with your cameras.

Andrew will spend August 25th, which is a Saturday ,from 10-4pm giving us tips, explaining lenses, light and other important details as well as  showing us how to photograph wild life. Patience is the key with wild life and those really great shots are not easy to capture but with Andrew’s tips and good advice, I think we will all be  better equipped when we try  ourselves.

Have a look at this which I took and which I know could be improved upon so I can’t wait to learn a whole load of new and exciting tips from one of Ireland’s best.







Price for our workshop is €45 per person . The price includes tea  and coffee to start, followed by Andrew’s opening talk. Then we will have a lovely organic lunch, then out into the  wild to practise. This will be followed by another talk and we will finish up with refreshments.

We only have 20 places. If you would like to  secure a place just email me and we  will book you in. .

Go wild with Blackstairs Ecotrails!


2 thoughts on “Wild Life Photography Workshop

  1. Hi Mary, is this course mainly suitable for DSLR cameras? I only have my (very good) smart phone camera but love taking wildlife/nature pics with it (almost all my blog pictures have been taken with it).

    • Good Morning Dee,
      Thanks for post!. Most of the people coming will have good, to gooidsh cameras with specific lenses.I like you, use my smart phone for my web etc., Andrew will be talking about lenses etc., but also tecnique and wild life haitats.
      I think you would greatly enjoy it!
      Let me know if you would like me to book you in.
      PS A good organic lunch goes with it! and a chance to see my veggies!

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