Two Day Advanced Wild Mushroom Workshop October 6th & 7th

September has been a funny month, from a weather perspective at least!. We haven’t had too many of those lovely autumnal days with sun beating down on us and the hint of the changing seasons  advising us that a change is one the way. We have had gales , rain, more gales and more ran but today is one of those days that has promise. Apples, the few that we have , look great in the sunshine and there is  a warmth about, that has been missing  and missing  for fungi deep in our woods. This is the sort  day they love, warm, sunshine and with rain some days ago they are bursting out of the ground.

But what are they? Are they safe to eat? Which ones are downright nasty and which ones,  if we had a culture of eating wild mushrooms ,would we defend to the last to get and eat?

On October 6th and 7th we are holding our last Wild Mushroom Workshop for those who want to learn a little more about these fascinating fungi. If you already have a bit of knowledge about fungi, then this is the course for you.

On Saturday October 6th we will learn ,with Jonathan Spazzi ,a lot more about the structure of fungi and their classification. We will wander into lovely woods and try to name as many as possible and hopefully, we will find some delicious edibles to take home and eat.

Hedgehog Fungu

Hedgehog Fungus

We will learn about gills, cortinas, stipes, caps, veils and umbos.We will marvel at the structure and delicacy of these wild mushrooms  and much , much  more.


On   the Sunday we will go into a completly dffferent wood for some different fungi and we will learn how to name, classify and to demystify at least some of the  complexities of the fungi world.

This two day course is for those who know a little and want to know more. We will provide delicious organic lunches on both days with copious tea and coffee and home-made biscuits to help us on our way.

Jonathan Spazzi is one of Ireland’s leading mycologists and we are guaranteed two great days in stunning woods as we pick up  on his knowledge.

The course is suitable for those with an interest in fungi, hoteliers, environmentalists, restaurant owners, outdoor recreation enthusiasts and those who simply want to develop a stronger knowledge of this intriguing part of woodland life.

Course costs €90 which includes lunches on both days and refreshments throughout the  workshops.

Book now and Go Wild with us!




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