Walking and Talking

When you are out and about all the time ,like we are at Blackstairs Ecotrails you can  monitor the tiniest shift in seasonal change. Slightly cooler mornings, a bit of frost on the grass, evenings closing in and that shift in nature itself , when our summer migrants fly back to warmers climes and our hardier visitors like Fieldfares and Redwings come along and strip all those Holly and  Whitethorn berries from our trees and bushes. But it is this natural cycle that is, in a way very soothing. Nights closing in, fires lit earlier and lovely crisp walks to undertake, scuffing leaves and seeing  your breath puff away in small clouds before you.

At Blackstairs Ecotrails we have been busy with our three fungi workshops over the last couple of weeks and a visit from the Irish School of Natural Healing as well as working with schools with their Geographical Investigations.

Over the next few months and right through the winter we will be walking  and  talking. We will  travel to give workshops and  talks on foraging, ecology, food for free and how sustainable eco- tourism can help small communities survive the stress of these tough economic times.

If your community, school,Active Retirement Group or local ICA would like us to visit, just email us.

As always every Monday,Wednesday and Saturday we will be walking right through the winter. As my late Mother used to say to us as children,”There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”.

So Go Wild with Us right through the Winter and enjoy the beautiful Blackstairs and Barrow Valley and afterwards we will  have a delicious home-made Afternoon Tea,  with comfy log fires to keep you warm.


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