Wild Christmas 2012

I know we are not meant to even begin talking about Christmas until December begins but lots of people are asking, “are you walking over the Christmas Holidays?” The answer is a big YES. In fact we walk right through the year. This Christmas season  we are offering the following ideas for people to think about.

1       One to One Foraging Workshop Vouchers €100

2       Gift Vouchers from €35 per person.

3       Find It, Pick It Cook It Workshops . €45 per person

4        Know Your Trees A walk  about trees, their lore and history .€35 per person

5       Survive in the Wild   –  A Workshop  on wild berries, fruits and herbs. €45 per person

6       New Year’s Day Walk – Start the New Year on  the  right foot .

        €40 per person. Includes festive  drinks and a Full Afternoon Tea.

        Start time 2pm @ Killedmond.

        These are just some of the activities we have been doing over the last year and a half. You may like to give someone a voucher to experience the unique bio- diversity of the Blackstairs and Barrow Valley area.. We are situated in a  candidate Special Area of Conservation – Site Code 770.Where we live and work  is directly under the Blackstairs Mountains. Beautiful upland areas extending down the valley incorporating semi natural habitats with unique field boundaries and forestry plantations.

If you are interested in flora, the site contains the Northern Atlantic Wet Heath, Erica tetralix which is also listed on Annex 1 of the EU Habitats Directive. We also have lots of Crowberry, Bilberry, Bell and Ling Heathers, Cross leaved Heath and much more besides.

On the bird front the following species have been recorded Golden Plover, Hen Harrier, Peregrine Falcon ,also listed in Annex 1 of the EU Birds Directive and  Red Grouse, a species  in need of conservation.

Throughout the Blackstairs are  magnificent stone walls, often covered in mosses and ferns; cool and inviting in summer,  magical and beautiful in winter dusted with  snow or frost.

These are just some of the attractions of the ares and I haven’t even mentioned butterflies or dragonflies, badgers, deer or foxes.

So this Christmas give someone who loves the peace and solitude of the wilds or  a keen ornithologist or wild life enthusiast  the gift of the  Blackstairs.

Go Wild with Blackstairs Ecotrails this Christmas. We leave no trace.


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