Tuesday January 1st 2013 – New Year’s Day Walk In The Blackstairs

2012 is winding down. Over the last few weeks we have had some very peculiar weather. Heavy rain and gales, hard frost with snow on the Blackstairs and in between, gorgeous sunny days with blue skies. Great days for walking and watching what is happening here in South Carlow.

It ‘s the little things that matter.

Flocks of Long Tailed Tits moving through the woods;  Egrets on the Barrow flying slowly on great white wings. On the mountains the vegetation has turned brown. There’s not a scrap of green to be seen. Foxes slink by  looking thin and hungry. Badgers snuffle from their setts searching for food and deer raise their startled heads from cool mountain streams.

These are every day things. Glimpses of nature in the raw, and it is fantastic  to know that our area is a Special Area of Conservation and the  indicators of a healthy biosphere are quietly going about their daily business. We just watch quietly from a distance with our binoculars and note books to jot down what we see.

On Tuesday January 1st  we are having a   New Year’ s day walk. We will meet at Killedmond  at 2pm for mulled wine and some tasty  little nibbles and the we will head off into the mountains or the hills for  the first winter walk of the New Year .

When we get back to Killedmond we will  raise our glasses  to the coming year and sample some lovely organic post Christmas treats with our Afternoon Tea. Log fires will be blazing and we will be  ready to face 2013.

Booking essential. Cost €40 per person. Children under 12 go free.

Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome. We leave no trace!


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