Active Retirement Groups

 Active Retirement Groups

We offer Active Retirement Groups a delightful day out in the Barrow Valley and the Blackstairs  area. This is a No Hills outing. Gorgeous scenery taken at a leisurely pace. A lovely unhurried relaxing eco walk with the promise of stunning scenery   majestic rivers, delightful small streams and  green roads leading us into sheltered valleys.

We will look for safe wild food to eat, blackberries  wild garlic, dandelion leaves and the  delightful Hairy Bitter Cress. What we find we will bring back to Killedmond, cook it and eat it.

We go on Blackberry outings, looking for field mushrooms, collecting fruits to make jam, swap recipes and at the end of the two hour stroll a delightful Afternoon Tea at the Rectory with all home made delights, brown bread, home made sponge cakes, biscuits and tea bracks, using Great Grandmother’s tea service.

This is walking as it should be,using our eyes to see, ears to hear our native Irish birds and our feet to bring us to the shy wild creatures of the area.

Discounted rates for Groups Of 8 OR  more.

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